ICAPS 2005 Competition on Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling
June 7, 2005, Monterey, California, U.S.A.

Seven systems, from around the world, participated in the first run of ICKEPS. These systems contained tools covering a large area of the scope of the competition, in particular Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Formulation, Knowledge Modeling, Machine Leaning, Knowledge Refinement, Visualization, Analysis and Debugging. In the event the judges split the systems into two categories, general tools and specific tools, and each category had its own winner.

'General tools' category: 'Specific tools' category:
  • ModPlan (Germany),
  • GIPO (UK), winner
  • ItSIMPLE (Brazil).
  • Hamlet (Spain),
  • ARMS (Hong Kong), winner
  • Tailor (USA),
  • PlanWorks (USA).

GIPO by Ron M. Simpson.

ARMS by Kangheng Wu, Qiang Yang, Yunfei Jiang.

Congratulation to the winners.