ICAPS 2005 Competition on Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling
June 7, 2005, Monterey, California, U.S.A.
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The following tools compete at the first International Competition on Knowledge Engineering Techniques for Planning and Scheduling to be held at June 7, 2005 during the ICAPS 2005 conference, Monterey, California, U.S.A.

Tailor Helping end users modify procedures by instruction
Jim Blythe and Varun Ratnakar
Hamlet Tool for automatically acquiring control knowledge for planning
Daniel Borrajo, Susana Fernández, Raquel Fuentetaja, Juan D. Arias, Manuela Veloso
PlanWorks PlanWorks: A debugging environment for constraint based planning systems
Patrick Daley, Jeremy Frank, Michael Iatauro, Conor McGann, Will Taylor
ModPlan Knowledge acquisition and knowledge engineering in the ModPlan workbench
Stefan Edelkamp and Tilman Mehler
GIPO GIPO graphical interface for planning with objects
Ron M. Simpson
itSIMPLE The itSIMPLE tool for modeling planning domains
Tiago Stegun Vaquero, Flavio Tonidandel, José Reinaldo Silva
ARMS ARMS: Action-relation modelling system for learning action models
Kangheng Wu, Qiang Yang, Yunfei Jiang